About me

Who am I?

Hello, My name is Justin Pinto, I am a student at McGill University studying Wildlife Biology.


I love animals and wildlife in general, and I want to work in wildlife conservation in the future. Besides my passion for animals, I love to write stories, take pictures of the world, and let my ideas come to life. 

What am I? 

Most people think I am human, but I'm actually half god half demon!! Crazy right? I know!! Who would have guessed such a combination could exist?


Where am I? 

I am located in Montreal, Canada. I have been here all my life. But one day, I hope to move to another place!

Why did I Create The Frost Realm? 

I created The Frost Realm as a place to store all of my ideas and creations. Be it through photos, stories, or just a little post about my opinion on things. This place is to have my thoughts delivered to the world, or worlds hehe.

Want to help me out?

You can click the donate button below to help me, one donation goes a long way and is greatly appreciated :)